Inside Amy Schumer (2013)

by robinhardwick

A preview from my new blog…

The Unwatchables


Amy Schumer would like you to know that she likes talking about sex. Her sketch show based on her stand-up material, Inside Amy Schumer, talks about sex a lot, and for a comedy show, that makes sense; Sex lends itself well to comedy; there are plenty of weird, funny, gross, exciting things about sex that can inspire many comedic scenarios. Schumer also chooses to pair her comedy with self-deprecation, another topic that often lends itself well to comedy. However, when she combines these two in her act and persona, it’s not really about her sexuality or her role in it; it’s still about looking at sex through a masculine role, the tired conceptions of “men just want sex, women want a relationship” and a women’s sexuality is defined only by how much a man finds her attractive. And Schumer wants you to know that she is not attractive to…

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