I Spit On Your Grave (1978) and (2010) [The Unwatchables]

by robinhardwick

New from The Unwatchables….

The Unwatchables


The original 1978 film, depending on the film critic, is either an exploitation film or a feminist film. Jenny Hill, the smart, educated writer from the city rents a cabin out in the middle of the woods and is brutalized and horrendously raped by a bunch of rednecks, manages to escape, and then gets revenge on each of them by physically torturing and then killing them. So, this film is either a series of shocking brutality for brutality’s sake, or the story of a woman getting revenge on the male element that attacks her. Why can’t it be both? The 2010 remake is a faithful retelling, but with more inventive ways to murder people. After all, special effects has improved, making torture more visually realistic.

Both films are about 90 minutes long, and the first 20 minutes is a setup of the movie (Jennifer arrives at the cabin, admires the idyllic setting)…

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