Season 1, Episode 6, “On Golden Girls”, as Reviewed By The President of the Billy Jacoby Fan Club

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By

Well, hey, hi hello! Welcome to Jacoby-Con 2013. Billy couldn’t be here- says he’s really busy!- but thanks for gathering for his career retrospective. After this, we’ll be watching Just One of the Guys, and then stay tuned for the all-night marathon of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.

Oh wait, this just in! Billy can’t make it, but his brother Bobby is slated to make an appearance via Skype! Oh come on, stop throwing things at me. Bobby Jacoby! Star of Tremors! The eight-listed name of Can’t Hardly Wait! Come on guys, I’m doing the best I can, running the Geocities page and everything.

Anyway, back to this episode, where we see Billy’s early acting ability. He plays the troubled grandson of Blanche, sent to stay with the ladies after his parents try to save their marriage by going to Hawaii. You can really see how wonderfully…

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