Killer Joe (2012) / The Paperboy (2012) [The Unwatchables]

by robinhardwick

The Unwatchables


After a certain amount of fame, an actor will eventually want to get back to actual “acting” and take on that challenging role. Either they will ugly themselves up (think Charlize Theron in Monster) or play a mentally/physically-disabled person, a direct route to critical praise and possible Oscar recognition. [Think about the roles Tom Hanks took before his award winning, AIDS- having role in Philadelphia.] It seems the go-to role for these actors is suddenly the “poor white trash” route.

Actors, especially the ones considered glamorous and beautiful, probably takes these roles in order to “slum-it.” Here, they personify the lowest socioeconomic class, which is the opposite of them in real-life that it shows they can ACT. They embrace these characters, their depravity, and their mannerisms to the point that they almost are wearing “poor face.” There’s a fine line between portrayal and complete stereotyping.

Both Killer Joe

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