the reason I write

by robinhardwick

I am thankful to every single person who has ever complimented my book and other writing, and I take each and every comment from readers seriously and am forever grateful for taking your time to read things written by me.  This is a message I received from someone that I really wanted to share because it shows why I write about Sweet Valley High. Yes, I love it for its silliness and kitsch, but it is such a part of many women’s coming of age, and I love that it has connected so many women over their adolescent experiences.

reading part of our book online (i swear i’ll buy) and a few pages in, your life is my own, robin!!
i remember the day emily, the new girl transferred in to my sleepy town in second grade and had an SVH book-the only other girl id ever met who was already into spiked punch at the prom and tragic jeep rollovers rather than where the wild things were-and feeling id found my bff at long, 8-year old last.

i remember the excitement the friday night my dad took us both for ice cream and a barnes and noble svh run. I grabbed 4 hot-off-the-press titles that evening, to my mom’s shock and dad’s pride at his voracious little reader.I recall the day my mom snatched “wrong kind of girl” out of my hands and, with chagrin, told the entire extended family about me reading too ahead of my age at easter brunch in 1994. well, sorry it wasnt steinbeck mom, but if its up to me i want to hear about gaspy replies and todd’s dreamy mocha eyes!

I revisited the series in the mid 2000s, an unpopular teen who chose to immerse myself yet again in the only perfect world there is. books and bn runs became a comfort as they had been all those years before.
I did attend prom, in a shimmering hick necked gown inspired by a daniels-twins era, glossy cover shot.
I grew up and became a news reporter, much thanks to liz’s oracle adventures, and never forgot what these books meant to me.

At 27, I am enjoying the sweet life serial, with amusement and a mona lisa smile at the full circle of a sweet life, indeed, with each heart pounding page.

I may sound corny, but thank you for also living in this world and remembering it so well.