Season 1, Episode 10, “The heart Attack”

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By

Way to spoil the episode, episode title! The gals are just finished having a big party with lots of food [These gals have a more active social life than I ever did CAN I GET AN AMEN?] and they are cleaning up and Sophia gets a “bubble” in her chest and has to lie down. Blanche calls the paramedics and Sophia is a stubborn old lady and insists it’s not a heart attack!


Is Blanche wearing her nightgown? Maybe halfway through the party she put on her “eatin’ dress.”

Dorothy freaks out and admits to Rose that she’s not ready to be an orphan. It’s been about ten minutes in real time and the paramedics don’t come because there’s a storm, so they just…wait. It’s pretty bleak and if I didn’t already have the rest of the seasons on dvd from Amazon, I’d think this would be the end.


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