Season 1, Episode 11, “Stan’s Return” as Reviewed By the Co-worker who Really Really Wants to Tell You About Her Crazy Night Out But You Aren’t Taking the Bait

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By

I’ve seen this episode a few times already, but it’s hard to think right now. I have the WORST hangover right now……I mean, I got a hangover from last night…..last night when I went out….so anyway, it’s hard for me to concentrate on these payment invoices MUCH LESS this episode.

The gals are planning their vacation, except they are not including Sophia and hoping she could watch the house when they go, which, although she is upset, I mean, can you blame them? Vacations can get crazy! There’s lots of partying happening…oh yea, that reminds me that last night my girlfriends and I danced on the bar just like Coyote Ugly! It was so crazy. I mean, if I could remember any of it! Although I do have this phone number written on my arm- how did that get there…I wonder?….Rose wants to go somewhere educational, Dorothy wants to…

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