The Not So Great Things About Orange Is The New Black


I haven’t seen a show get as quick of a following as Orange Is the New Black. It could be due to the new binge-watching phenomenon, it could be that the characters we’ve never seen on television (women! with fully developed stories of their own!), or it could be that the setting is provocative and provides for both engaging interpersonal plot as well as larger implications. I am one of its most devout converts, watching the whole season in the span of two days and wishing I can erase that time and watch it again for the first time. I’ve devoured every think- piece written on it and did my share of commenting on any online discussion of the show. If I am such a fan, why do I feel the need to discuss the flaws? Because that’s the beauty of an art form: when you embrace it, you embrace all of it, even the parts that you don’t like.

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