Season 1, Episode 15, “In a Bed of Roses”, as reviewed by Rose’s Homicidal Vagina

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By

I’ve already killed once, and now I have a thirst for murder. The first was Charlie, Rose’s doofy husband. We were having our usual sex night after the cows were milked, and bam, I gave him a heart attack.

Rose, understandably, was scared to put me back in action for a while. Until Arnie, the lovely gentlemen that took us on the cruise. Now that I’m back in action, I’m on the lookout for fresh kill. It coincides nicely with Rose’s need for the D.

2013-08-17_0357 - Copy

This guy was almost too easy. Look at him! What a square! He begs to stay over in our art deco bedroom but Rose is hesitant- she’s never had a man in her room at this house before. Al doesn’t let up, giving some line about he lives with his sister. As if! I whisper in Rose’s ear “take him, take him!” and she relents…

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