Season 1, Episode 17, “Nice And Easy”; THIS IS AN ED APPRECIATION POST

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By


The best thing worth mentioning is the brief time we spent with Ed, the Miami cop who joined the force because he loves Miami Vice. It’s his world. He yearns to find someone who loves the show as much as he does. His apartment is decked out like he imagined Don Johnson’s would be.


And what a performance! In a sea of guest stars who act as if they are reading their lines, actor Ken Stovitz delivers with such feeling, with such panache! I’d expect him to be in the Groundlings or something, or at least to go on and star in a daytime soap. Alas, this episode is one of the last acting jobs he ever had. Never fear, it turns out he manages Jayden Smith’s career. Ol’ Ken Stovitz is doing just fine. He produced the recent Karate Kid remake and is also producing the sequel. He…

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