Categories I Wish Were on The GRE

by robinhardwick

I’m taking the GRE in about a month. That’s the Graduate Record Exam, to those of you that don’t know and are thus better for not knowing. I’m feeling confident- after some practice skills, my math has come back and I’m not concerned about the writing portion (if I do say so myself. Shoot me.) it’s just irritating that I have to take ALL of it to prove to some humanities program that I am worthy.  If these categories were on it, I’d be acing this shit up and down.

Writing portion: Explain why Divergent was a failure as a book, both in craft and attempted allegory

Writing Comprehension: Read these Battlestar Galactica scripts and answer questions about the origin of the Cylons because yea, it was pretty confusing and I finally understand it

Quantitative Portion: keep that on there, I like this section.

Choose all the vocab words that describe cats’ behavior.

Logic Section: Here’s your company’s shared drive: organize the files into something that makes sense

Use Prezi to present a timeline of the events of How I Met Your Mother

Pixar movies all have the same tedious plot: write an essay supporting this argument.

Analogies (bring these back!)

Millenials: Just a Stereotype or the Fall of Civilization? [Choose a Side and Provide Examples]

Create a Comprehensive List of Your Most Disturbing Horror Films

Critique several examples of blogs aimed at “women’s interests”