Greenberg (2010) and Nobody Walks (2012): Rich White People Problems

by robinhardwick

The Unwatchables


I first became interested in the film when Videogum included it in its Search for the Worst Film of All Time Feature. As a film masochist, I enjoy the schadenfreude of watching bad film, but I remained fascinated rather than disgusted. Greenberg is also a perfect example of a genre that I have coined “rich white people with problems.”

In the quest for the privileged to understand their role, and perhaps relieve some guilt, the idea of “first world problems” as a comedic concept started infusing memes and internet tomfoolery. It’s a way for the privileged to both laugh at themselves and to perhaps relieve some guilt.  “White Wines” captured the ignorant statements made on social media (“I asked for a black iphone and my parents got me a white one!”) while a popular meme showed a white woman in tears with a brief macro of something…

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