Consumption Junction

by robinhardwick

In which I tell you all the media I consumed in the past week.

I watched the documentary The Cove. Since I liked Blackfish, I figured a film about cruelty to whales would peak my interest. Finally finished reading Divergent, which was terrible, and I plan on writing a 3K-5K essay on why. There was a 50/50 split among my book club about who actually enjoyed it. I’ve been catching up on episodes of Drunk History, which I had been excited about since seeing the original Funny or Die skit. However, I don’t think it works as a show. Plus, I don’t think drunk people are funny.

My favorite web series of all time, The Most Popular Girls in School, has a spin-off called The Trisha show, in a talk show format. It’s very meta for people who are fans of the show but my god, it cracks me up.

Podcasts have been nothing too special this week. I have to say I don’t love live podcast recordings, it’s like a strain watching them. i listen to Throwing Shade while I swim and I sometimes swallow water when listening, this week’s episode no exception, including Erin’s description of a sex change operation as “punching up the vagina.” The Complete Guide to Everything Continues to amuse, this week talking about magicians and how ridiculous David Blaine is.

Upcoming: trying to see The Europa Report sometime this week, as well as the seventies masterpiece Malibu Beach.