Consumption Junction

by robinhardwick

In which I tell you all the media I consumed in the past week.

Fun fact: I usually don’t watch documentaries all the way through. I watch two or three at a time, watching parts of them at different times, like a television series. Why is this fact fun? It’s not. It’s just to say that as of right this second, I’ve watched about 75% of the following documentaries, which is enough to mention them. West of Memphis is not new territory for me, since I am a huge fan of the Paradise Lost Trilogy. This one was produced by Damien Echols himself. This may explain why most interviews are with him and not the other two of the Memphis Three. At over two hours, it covers everything from the trilogy, along with much more evidence thatone of the victim’s stepfathers was the real killer.

HBO Documentaries is really not notch when it comes to true crime.  The Cheshire Murders covers the kidnapping, rape, and arson inflicted upon a wealthy family in idyllic Cheshire, Connecticut. The film spends a lot of time trying to delve into the perpetrators’ psyche, which of course I love. I also watched Mickey Mouse Monopoly about the sexist messages in Disney films, and I was like, no duh, but it’s still interesting to watch.

Podcasts were pretty par for the course this week, although on someone’s suggestion I listened to an episode of The Low Times Podcast with Tom Sharpling.  Enjoyable. Not sure if it will be on regular rotation.

I have acquired new albums from MGMT, Placebo, and the Pixies (sans Kim Deal, boo) but haven’t really formed an opinion yet.

Goals to start consuming this week: Top of The Lake, Derek, and Evocateur.