Let’s talk Christopher Pike.

by robinhardwick

The Dairi Burger

You have your Lois Duncans, your R.L. Stines, etc. but those never truly scared me. The endings were predictable. Christopher Pike on the other hand, wrote the fucking creepiest books ever. I just realized, thanks to my local used bookstore, that he released an adult novel in 2007.

Um, why wasn’t I notified? His adult novels have been hit or miss. However, Season of Passage seriously changed my life. Turn off the computer. Go ge a copy. Read. It. Now.

But, Christopher Pike ruled my teen years when I got too old for Kristy and the Gang and the Wakefield twins. The first one I picked up was Chain Letter and it scared me to the core! In other teen horror, there was some ending where the main character always saved the day. People died in Pike’s books. And died pretty gruesomely. Something about Chain Letter totally had me freaked…

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