Preview Of My Completely Arbitrary and Subjective Best of the Year List

by robinhardwick

When I was younger and much more hip to the world, I consistently made best of lists each year, one each for tv, film, and music. I want to get back to that, but the problem is I consume way less.  My biggest embarrassment is my lack of commitment to being on top of new music, my most played album this year is probably Wham!’s Greatest Hits. I’m at piece with getting older and not consuming everything, especially after reading this insightful piece by Nathan Hartman.

So here is the list I’ve so far compiled for this year, if something insane comes along in the next few months, it will be added. Oh and I know not all of these were RELEASED this year, so hold your hate mail, this is pop culture that I personally have discovered/consumed this year.  What do you think I’m missing?

Most Popular Girls in School (web series)

The Heart, She Holler (TV)

The Toast (Website)

Go Bayside! (Podcast)

Orange Is the New Black (TV)

Eastbound & Down (TV)

The Twelve (Book)

The Giver (Book)

The Reese Malcolm List (Book)

Veep (TV)

Spring Breakers (Film)

Room 237 (Film)

Top of the Lake (TV)

Martyrs (Film)

The ABCs of Death (Film) articles by Lindy West (Web)

Key & Peele (TV)

Top of The Lake (TV)

American Horror Story: Asylum (TV)

*I still have not seen Frances Ha, Europa Report, Blue Jasmine, The Conjuring