Terrible Songs That I Am Not Ashamed of Loving So Go Ahead And Judge Me It Won’t Change a Thing

by robinhardwick

Once you go Eurotrash, you never go back. How fucking rich must the Vengaboys be? And if so, this is the video they came up with? The singer looks like she’s on ambien. But this song has such good memories of the year 2000 I will never not love it.

Okay, OBVI the original is better, but the guitar riff is pretty dope.

What do you call that instrument at the beginning? A sparketone?

Sometimes I love Ke$ha so much I don’t know what to do with that love. Seriously, she actually stops rapping about wine coolers to make a decent pop song.

If I had a time machine, I would not kill Hitler, I’d go back to a time when I could see Journey at an arena concert and Steve Perry would pull me onstage and serenade me with this.

Now we are getting to some deep cuts. I know “Cherry Pie” was pure silliness, but this is serious. So serious that they took the term “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”¬†literally.

Goodbye to anyone who had even the smallest amount of respect for me. Yes, this is catchy. Shut up. I stand my this. It samples Yazoo’s “Situation” so you know they are feeling especially proud of it.