Best/Worst of The Year 2013

by robinhardwick

I can start naming my best and worst things of the year, right? If some masterpiece pops up between now and December, I’ll adjust. Also, here’s the rules: it is something that I have discovered or first watched this year, even if it wasn’t officially released this year.  Each entry will provide one good piece of media that has made the human experience better, and one that was a real failure. I’m not going to include the obvious failures, like Grown Ups 2, because, well, it’s a given. These “worsts” are more like the biggest disappointments.



Black Mirror is a show that aired in the UK (the second season this year). Sadly enough, you cannot watch it without the aid of some sort of internet piracy. Two seasons with three episodes each, each of these episodes is better than most shows as a whole. Each follows a separate story, focusing on how technology can affect our lives. It’s not preachy, it’s not telling us to get off of Facebook and talk to each other, or other cliched morality tales. Black Mirror shows us our inevitable future, which we are already too late to change. It’s not the technology, it’s still the choices we make that get us into trouble. And yes, I will continue to scream at people until they watch this. 



Conversely, Disconnect plays like an after-school special trying to be “hip” to kids. Don’t use technology, kids! Teens kill themselves because of it! (Which isn true, I know, but this was a bit extreme.) Remember how awkward, preachy and ham-fisted Crash was? This is an exact copy, only with all white people and Facebook accounts. Go here to read my longer review.