This Is the World We Live In Now.

by robinhardwick

I love a good viral video. Especially when it’s not some staged crap, like all the Gangnam style parodies or those stupid wastes of oxygen who like to prank on minimum wage fast word workers at the drive in who are just trying to make a living. But this story, just saddens me (and amuses me, so all is not lost).

Hot girl meets a barista. Barista wants her number. He gives it to her. In attempt in using modern technology, he sends her a “video selfie” of himself trying to look…sensual? I don’t know.

Video goes viral, which spawns a ton of parodies. The original guy in the video? You’d think that he would be embarrassed and violated. Sure, those are normal human reactions. But don’t worry about him, he’s already been booked on The Today Show and Jimmy Kimmel.

Who is the asshole here? Just about everyone. The original woman, who willingly gave this guy her number, and then publicly posted something someone sent her without his permission? Check. The guy, who sent the douchey video? Check. The producers of Today show who jump on this thing because “memes” and “viral” are what the cool kids are into? Check and check.