Rejected Writing: Area Improv Group Takes Risky Suggestion from Audience

by robinhardwick

Area Improv Group Takes Risky Suggestion from Audience

MONTREAL, QUEBEC Local improv group, Chuckle Sandwich, was thrown a confusing and complicated suggestion at their monthy show at the Northgate Community Center.

“When we ask an audience member to give us an occupation as suggestion to inspire a scene, we are used to getting things like ‘dentist’ or ‘teacher’’” explained stunned troupe member Linda Salinger. “We can do a funny scene based on just about anything, and the audience loves it.”

However, on Saturday night, a group of out-of-towners were in attendance at the tiny, 25-seat theater. When Salinger asked the audience was asked to give a suggestion of an occupation, one of the young men yelled “ophthalmologist” louder than any other suggestion.

“I can’t believe she took that suggestion,” troupe member Peter Draper recalls. “I But as soon as we started the scene, [Salinger] asked me to sit in a chair and began to examine my eyes. She sure seemed confident that she knew the difference between and ophthalmologist and an optometrist!. I was stunned. At first I didn’t know if my character was coming in for a new eyeglass prescription or eye surgery! But Linda really seemed confident, and in improv, you have to support your partner and commit to the scene.”

Immediately after Salinger started the scene, one of the other members of chuckle sandwich grabbed a chair and acted like the receptionist and the other patients sat on stage and played patients in the waiting room.

Salinger said of the incident, “I was scared to death when I heard the suggestion, afraid of endowing myself as having a medical degree instead of the other kind of eye doctor. But that’s the magic of improv! I just went for it, and committed to the character.”

When asked if she would ever take that suggestion again, Salinger replied, “I think I’ll stick to things like ‘dental hygienist’ and ‘archaeologist’, from now on!”

Chuckle Sandwich performs last Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm.