Season 1, Episode 21, “The Job Hunt”, as Reviewed By a Food Blogger

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By


We started with some double ripple fudge, whose creamy texture reminded Rose of the cows she milked at home. She could feel the rush of the breeze up her undercarriage as she came out at 6am in her nightgown on that farm in Minnesota. The fudge ribbon was aggressive, providing a surprising touch exterior, but then only to have the surprise of the fudge to melt on the tongue as if it were emerging from the peak of the volcano and sliding down a mountain like lava.

This was an unlikely pairing with the green olives, which provided a sharp taste, not unlike the sharpness of the tracks of the F lines that Dorothy remembered so much from Brooklyn. Like the subway, the olives boast a taste/smell of aged vinegar and artisan cigarette smoke.

Much of the experience was devoted to the carton of orange juice, which was a smart…

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