Consumption Junction

by robinhardwick


For those of you that know about my love for The Room, know I have been waiting to read The Disaster Artist, written by Greg “Oh hi mark!” Sestero. It was one half great nuggets of behind the scenes anecdotes, and one half actually depressing story about the co-dependent friendship he had with Tommy Wiseau, who also seems to be deeply disturbed, and in a way that I know kind of feel bad laughing at him.

FINALLY saw Escape From Tomorrow. Saving my thoughts for an unnecessarily long blog post later.

The only television show I watch in real time is American Horror Story, and I’ve begun to watch Season 3 (Coven). So far I’m still on board, but doesn’t it feel like the whole, teenage girls with super powers has already been done? I’m watching because Kathy Bates is a goddess to the acting world, and she tends to play villains better than normies. Also, I have very dirty feelings for Evan Peters.

I also took another writing seminar, this time on writing personal essays. I think I’m over the type of classes that talk ABOUT writing and what I really need is a workshopping class. Which, of course, I am terrified of, because HOW DARE ANYONE CRITICIZE ME.

This week I am watching Black, White & Greek, made by Vice about the segregation of the Greek system at the University of Alabama.