I Wrote Down Everything That I Said To My Cat This Week Verbatim.

by robinhardwick


No edits, no regrets. 

Who’s pretty? Who is it? Is it you? Yes, you. You’re pretty.

Hi baby girl! He booop beep boop boop br boop!

Hey stupid! Come here!

Did you poop poop in the litter box? That’s a good girl!

What do you want? Seriously just fucking tell me already!

Hi! You’re a puppy!

No! I do not want to look at your asshole!

Hi honey! How was your day? Oh really? That’s so interesting!

Look at your wittle face! I want to rip it off and wear it as a mask!

oh hai kitty!

you’ve got the cutest kitty face/ KIT-ty [sung to the tune of “Mame”]