Consumption Junction

by robinhardwick

604_0The best thing I consumed this week was the episode of the Go Bayside! podcast with Paul F. Tompkins, which ran an hour over the others to my pure delight. First of all, the episodes was fucking awful. Second, Paul F expresses his delightful outrage of the shittiness of the production.

My book-turned movie-turned back to book club watched Junebug, which I had heard in passing but never really watched. Well, readers, it melted this cold hard exterior and I got emotional. The more ordinary thr story, the more I love it. It’s actually surprising that I don’t love mumblecore films. Junebug also gave me more inspiration to write a screenplay- I’ve always wanted to write something about an “ordinary” situation, more of a character study than an intricate plot.

Also, Key and Peele is so good I could cry. I’m getting through the second season while watching the third season episodes as they air.

It’s also Halloween season! You know what that means: I don’t give a fuck.