Season 1, Episode 22, “Blind Ambition”; Our First Very Special Episode

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By

What is the point of a Very Special Episode? Did sitcoms feel an obligation to teach us something? Was it simply a ratings grab? These days, every episode is a very special episode, because it doesn’t include molestation, assault, interpersonal violence or dismembered bodies it probably won’t last the season.

Were they trying to imbibe morality into the American psyche? Didn’t we all learn from Punky Brewster not to hide in refrigerators? Did we learn not to keep vanilla extract around an alcoholic from Family Ties? Not to take caffeine pills when you get a recording contract?

Who knows. This is the Very Special Episode when Rose’s blind sister Lily visits and almost burns the house down. What’s the lesson? Don’t let blind people cook? Uh, I tend to agree, especially when it’s a place where they’ve never cooked before.


In an opening where a screenwriter would be proud…

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