Consumption Junction

by robinhardwick


I ended up watching two documentaries with similar topics: Tabloid media. First, Addicted to Fame chronicles director David Giancola’s experience with directing the B-move Illegal Aliens, the last thing Anna Nicole Smith did before she died. Understandably, this did not get a wide release because of her death, which was upsetting to the director, so he seemed to have made this film as a passive-aggressive response to Anna Nicole’s death “ruining” his movie. Still, I love anything that is behind the scenes of film making. ANS acts just like you would expect her to, but in hindsight it makes you feel even worse for what a fuck up she was.

Tabloid interweaves interviews with Joyce McKinney, who in the sixties allegedly kidnapped her Mormon boyfriend, held him captive and raped him, and the journalists that covered the case.  She claims that they were in love and he claimed the crime because he was ashamed to go against Mormon rules. The British tabloids had a field day with McKinney’s past, as she was a nude model. Since the film didn’t have any actual footage, old photos and stylistic renderings were used to recreate the events. Worth a watch.

The Conjuring: meh. As a horror film connoisseur, I expected it to be not the best, but unfortunately  it was predictable. As soon as the demonologists were shown with their young daughter, you knew where this was going. At least I did.

Reading Chuck Palahnuik’s Doomed, the sequel to his quasi-young adult novel Damned. His prose always amazes me. There’s e has a running callback throughout, this one in which the main character, Madison Spencer, directly addresses internet users who have allegedly commented on her story. That’s not even explaining is correctly, but damn he is phenomenal.