How to Date an LA Improv Dude

by robinhardwick


Tell him his blue hoodie really brings out his eyes.

Tell him his plaid shirt, Chuck Taylors and thick glasses make you horny.

Although you secretly love it, call something like “Two and Half Men” as an insult.

Tell him that yes, he’s funnier than all the guys he went to high school with.

Tell him your idea of a date is waiting outside on a ticket line for a chance to see a podcast taping. .

Tell him that yea, he is as hot as Rob Huebel AND Anthony Jeselnick.

You think his Happy Endings spec script is better than the actual show.

Reassure him that he will be admitted to the advanced level improv class.

Tell him you don’t mind being endowed as a stripper in every improv scene you do together.

When he wants to do something, say yes and______

Get into an argument about improvised theater v. improv comedy

For naughty play, dress up like Charna Halpern.

Tell him he’s so funny he should start a podcast

Tell him a romantic dinner is the corner store by the improv theater

Tell him your dream honeymoon is New York City during the Del Close Marathon.

Live equidistant from Second City, IOWest, and The Upright Citizens Brigade

Tell him that yes, it is a good idea to dabble in standup even though it’s not his medium.

Comfort him after he isn’t selected for a Harold team.

Buy him an Earwolf sweatshirt.

Practice forgiveness when he can’t see you all weekend because he is filming a web comedy short.