Best Films (That I Watched In) 2013

by robinhardwick

Zoinks! We are barreling towards the end of this year, so I’d better get on this best of list. Here are more of the best movies I SAW in 2013. Not ones that were necessarily released in 2013. Why? It’s my list.


HOLY MOTORS: I usually don’t pay any mind to spoiling anything, but this is one film I recommend going in knowing nothing. It will be the most bizarre film you’ve seen in a long time, but also the most imaginative. What I will spoil is that the film has an actual intermission, complete with an accordian interlude. But don’t let that bother you.


SPRING BREAKERS: I’ve had a long standing love-hate relationship with writer/director Harmony Korine, but this switched me over to the love side. Is it about America’s obsession with excess? The downfall of today’s youth? The search for a White identity? The rejection of modern feminism? I don’t know, and I don’t care but I loved every bratty minute of this. Also, FRANCO FOR THE OSCAR.


MARGARET: This film was made in 2009, and barely released a few years later. The film is over three hours long, has some pacing issues, but my god it was some of the most real emotions ever portrayed on screen. Essentially, Anna Paquin plays a teen who is tangentially related to the death of a woman on the street, and how her life is affected by it.


MARTYRS: Martyrs is a French horror movie that is terrifying, sad, suspenseful, thoughtful, graphic and frustrating, and literally one of the best films I’ve seen in ten years. The other interesting thing about this film is that the first half of the film is a revenge/monster/suspense film, halfway through the film, a new plot/story/genre/ characters are introduced, and it works. It works too well. This is the sort of film that stays with you for a long time, both the imagery and the incredibly bleak premise. If you ever feel like you are overly positive about life in general, this film will bring you down a notch. Or two.

Bonus: it passes the Bechdel test!

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