About Cherry (2012); The Most Boring Film About Pornography Ever Made

by robinhardwick

The Unwatchables


Here was my hope for About Cherry: the film would portray a woman who becomes involved with the adult and becomes empowered instead of an exploited victim. Whereas technically I could say that was a summary of About Cherry, the film fails in every way any film could fail: uninteresting characters, cliched dialogue, and so many film cliches. The other disappointment is that this film seemed like someone’s labor of love; independently financed. How could it end up so uninspired?

It’s worth noting that I sought out this film because it was shot on location at The Armory, the massive studio space of Kink.com, which is located in San Francisco. I’ve been lucky enough to tour it. It is impressive how self-sufficient this company is,and how they stress the fair and supportive treatment of their actors, plus, are very LGBT-positive.

But back to the film: Cherry is a…

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