Nothing’s Fair in Fifth Grade

by robinhardwick

There must be some teacher out there assigning this as a book report, because this post is suddenly getting some traffic.

The Dairi Burger

OMG, CLASSIC! I read the shit out this one. Rereading it, it still held up as a good book. Although thinking about it, it is a little bit of a ripoff of Blubber. Barthe is one of those children’s authors that does a great job of writing from a children’s perspective without being condescending or childish, if that makes sense. She doesn’t need to launch into a lot of background about characters, but builds the characters based on dialogue and action.

Jenny is the main character, and she has two best friends, Diane and Sharon. Diane is a sassypants and is a bit cranky and mouths off to adults and tends to be moody. In other words, she rules. Sharon is kind of an ass and she and Jenny are not always on good terms because Sharon always talks about what her mother thinks.

Elsie is the new girl…

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