More Rejected Headline Pitches

by robinhardwick

As I mentioned, I’ve pitched a ton of satire news headlines, and I don’t want them to go to waste.

Occupy Camp totally Feels Like Melrose Place

Unpaid Intern Knows How to Run Company Better Than CEO

Local Couple’s Board Game Night Results in Fun, Orgy

Wesleyan Grad’s self still Not Found After Six Months Backpacking Around Europe

Netflix Recommendations Are Passive-Aggressive

Porn Star’s Kafka references Go Sadly Unnoticed

Ironic Bar Theme Interpreted Un-ironically

Area Man gets a sitcom deal after one tweet

Area Man Lifted with his Back, Not His Knees

Applebee’s Hostess Has Inflated Sense of Power

Local Brony Chapter Votes to Secede from the National Chapter

Man Believes He is In His Own Personal Episode of Entourage

Pile of New Yorker Magazines Aren’t Going to Read Themselves

Annoying Vegan Accidentally Invited to Dinner Party