Things That Happened On The Internet

by robinhardwick


The beautiful and horrifying thing about the internet is that everyone’s an author and an authority. Quality is sacrificed for page clicks and “viral” clicks. Many issues, aside from what is going to happen next week on your favorite television show, have gotten more exposure from internet discussion. And some do it very well, and especially Jezebel author Lindy West. She’s funny, she’s informative, she’s really confident in her writing and ready for the barrage of internet butt hurt her writing seems to cause. Not a coincidence is that she tends to write about comedy and feminism, two of my favorite topics.

Some of her best posts were:
How To Make a Rape Joke
Thin Women: I’ve Got Your Back. Could You Get Mine?
If I Admit That ‘Hating Men’ Is a Thing, Will You Stop Turning It Into a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

Other great stuff on the internet this year:

The Toast: I couldn’t even quite categorize this as anything: it’s fiction, it’s satire, it’s essays. It’s just damn good reads.

Although it’s about 95% “how to be an awesome entrepreneur and make your start-up awesome”, I’ve been really into Medium. Some of the better posts:
Have Creatives Overstuffed Themselves on Other’s Work?
The Internet Killed Nostalgia
Mission Impossible: Ghosting Protocol
Hypocrisy, Anonymous, and Activism Policing

On the flipside, the internet has given voice to the entitled, the selfish, the ignorant, and the privileged. As the internet discussions about different types of oppression come up, it’s inevitable that those being the perpetrators of the oppression have to pop up and proclaim their own pain. Mostly because they don’t understand the difference between individual and institutionalized oppression, but also because hey, they have feelings too!

The worst offenders of this are:

Thought Catalog, who is now turning into the place to go for all the twenty somethings struggling with finding themselves and not getting enough attention:
Being Privileged Is Not A Choice, So Stop Hating Me For It
I’m Not Going To Pretend That I’m Poor To Be Accepted By You
11 Reasons Why Jewish Boys Are The Least Dateable Boys

And then, of course, are my favorites: the Men’s Rights Activists who have the delusion that they are always on the verge of being falsely accused of rape, that they deserve sex from all women, and that their precious little rights are being taken away by women. There’s nothing I love hate reading more. Here are my favorites:
The Case Against Female Self-Esteem
The End Game of Feminism

Temper Tantrum of the year: Remember Sean Parker? Most know him for having Justin Timberlake play him in The Social Network, secondly famous for being an internet mogul (Napster, Facebook). He had his overly done, oompgapacha Lord of the Rings style wedding in a remote part of Northern California. When word got out about his custom made costumes for guests, and the alleged destruction of a natural area, he did what was appropriate: he cleared up the rumors and then let it go.

Just kidding: he threw a temper tantrum in the form of a 10K word response on Tech Crunch, blaming the awful media for ruining his wedding, and whining that this scandal of the year made him…sad. The funny thing was- it wasn’t really that much of a scandal. It was the “thing that was discussed on the internet one day and then forgotten the next, “ as well as being, well, an obnoxious display of wealth and excess.

More entertaining was the insane sorority girl and her angry email to her fellow sisters. I think why this was so popular was that Rebecca Martinson was able to say the things to her peers that those of us only dream of saying but don’t have the nerve. Unsurprisingly, Rebecca has a book deal.

Other atrocities:
A Daily Beast columnist wonders how Chelsea Manning will decide who to get raped by in prison. It’s like a Sadie Hawkin’s day dance!

Note to websites: please approve what your contributors post, because you could end up with, writers that actually believe this nonsense.

Rex Reed, stay classy.

Remember when Buzzfeed wanted to explain the conflict in Egypt?

Then, of course, was the Hugo Schwyzer meltdown. In all honestly, this man needs serious help, but those around him seriously have been enabling his internet problem.


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