Weekly Reader: November 15

by robinhardwick

Well, I’m currently at the DMV, so this should come in helpful if you are in the same situation.

The Problems With “Blue is the Warmest Color.” [BITCH]

Much Ado About Niceness [The New Yorker]

How much will it cost to make these racist old men go away? [Salon]

‘The Walking Dead’ Bad Decision Power Rankings [Warming Glow]

What Joss Whedon Gets Wrong About Feminism [The Atlantic]

From Miley Cyrus To Lily Allen, Why Feminist Culture Critiques Can Turn Women Against Each Other [Think Progress]

How I Learned To Stop Explaining How Old Things Make Me Feel [NPR]

All Bullies Are Narcissists [The Atlantic]

Love Between Giant Hams: Branagh, Whedon, and Much Ado About Nothing [The Toast]