Slightly Single In L.A. (2013): This Is Apparently What Women Want.

by robinhardwick

The Unwatchables


When a film is terrible, I get angry. I get angry at the film maker for making bad choices and for thinking that this was great work. If that makes me angry, what enrages me is when a film is made with elements think that I WANT to see.

Slightly Single, as far as I can tell, is a low-budget, straight to video film aimed at women, marketed as a quirky rom-com. This is not a film made because someone had a vision; it was a film made to make money. Sure, aren’t most films made to make money? But the rom-com genre is not (usually) one that cares about artistic merit. It’s about getting women’s derrier’s in seats. That should have stopped me right there, but when I have insomnia, I put on a seemingly mindless film to lull me to sleep. Instead, I stayed awake in an…

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