Some Pressing Questions About The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Film

by robinhardwick

Why did no one immediately kill themselves when they are picked for the games? Seriously, the anxiety and IBS alone would do me in.

Is the Hunger Games Channel the only tv station available? What did they watch for the rest of the year?

Was Commander Cray’s shouting supposed to be comedic?

Did Phillip Seymour Hoffman refuse to wear purple hair/makeup as someone from the capital? He looked like he was about to sell Katniss some insurance.

How come Johanna has no one to love? She’s pretty damn fantastic.

Is District Seven where all the black people live?

Who does the hair braiding in District 12?

Does Peeta’s parents not give a fuck about him?

Would anyone be interested in reading my fanfic prequel about Haymitch during his Hunger Games?

Does anyone go to the bathroom during The Hunger Games? Also, if you are on your period, you’re screwed.

What is going on with this hideous sweater-crotch thing?


And this camel-toe nightmare?