Bully (2001): True Crime Gets the Larry Clark Treatment

by robinhardwick

The Unwatchables


Infamous director Larry Clark, similar to his 1995 debut Kids, uses his familiar trademarks of sexualized teens and kids behaving badly to bring forth the true life story of a bunch of teens in a suburban wasteland of Florida, led by Marty Puccio (Brad Renfro) and his girlfriend Lisa Connelly (Rachel Miner) , to murder their bullying friend, Bobby Kent (Nick Stahl). Marty’s girlfriend, Lisa, who believes Bobby is in the way of their relationship, convinces them to murder him. Eventually the guilt gets to them, their plans unravel, the paranoia sets in.

The MPAA awarded a (not surprising) NC-17 rating for gratuitous nudity and violence, all involving actors portraying teens. So, your local cineplex probably didn’t carry it. Plus, many thought Clark was a one-hit wonder with Kids, and another movie with aimless youngsters acting out was not in demand.

Reviews were not stellar. This is a…

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