Season 2, Episode 1; “End of the Curse” as Reviewed By Your Shitty Senior Thesis

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By

So here we are, how far we’ve come, the lives lived, the memories shared. Are these Girls Really Golden? Golden evokes royalty, regality, and value. Is this time in their lives the most valuable? Are their puerile hijinks more golden than their years raising a family, living the American Dream?

In this artistic media of a dramatic sitcom series, a second season demands growth, development, a promise to the audience. First seasons are mere introductions to the characters, the setting, and unifies the audience in a general acceptance of the milieu. Will be dig deeper into the psyche of our four disparate muses?


The Girls immediately showcase their believing of the human condition, in exerting their power to manipulate the reproductive choices of minks (species Neovison vison) for the purpose of selling them for their skins, only to be manufactured into the luxuries they themselves covet. In today’s zeitgeist…

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