Season 2, Episode 4: “It’s a Miserable Life”, as Reviewed By The Ghost of Frieda Claxton

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By


Glad I’m in hell, my crappy life on earth was not much to remember. At least not the last part of it. Life up until 40 was pretty damn great. There’s not a band in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame that I have not partied with. I went to burning man on a portable yacht. I ate 10K worth of Caviar with Andy Warhol. I snorted coke off Jordan Belfort’s ass once. And here’s the kicker: I was the one that actually wrote American Psycho, but gave the manuscript to this cheeky 22-year old rich boy so he could be the talk of the literature world.

Sometimes you gotta take a break. With all my jet-setting and crazy adventures, I just wanted to settle down, and live the rest of my life out in peace, I chose Miami because the weather’s great, the rent is decent, and…

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