Season 2, Episode 5: “Isn’t It Romantic?”, as Reviewed By a Football Coach At a School Assembly

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By


Okay, settle down kids, this isn’t a chance for you to goof off during fourth period, we have some serious stuff to talk about. To get down with. To rap about. Thompson, put that ipad away and focus up here! This isn’t the time to play Candy Crusher or send pictures of your genitals to each other through snapface, or whatever it is you do.


We’re here to talk about people who are special. No, not THAT kind of special. Special like, they have a special kind of love. You see kids, I, uh,….how can I put this….GAY. We’re talking about gay people. Yea, yea, laugh, you think it’s funny. Not so funny if you couldn’t get married when you want to or don’t know what department to shop in at Sears. Heh, heh…oh wait, I am getting word from Principal Mickens to strike that last comment…didn’t happen. Instant reply…

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