Let’s Stop Doing These Things in 2014

by robinhardwick

Death and Taxes had a great piece about bullshit that needs to stop in 2014, and I agree with everything on it, which includes fat shaming, calling people nazis, freedom of speech misconceptions, and all that jazz.

I’d like to supplement this with additional items:

Stop saying that someone “won” the internet, “won” Thanksgiving, or “won” 2014.  Your shitty viral video is not the best thing of the year as compared to getting closer to the cure for cancer. In our society, it seems getting the most attention from someone means you won.

There’s some real clique-y, cool crowd stuff that happens on twitter. The funny people with lots of followers all sort of know each other, and they talk to each other often on twitter, just so everyone else can enjoy their witty repartee. It’s one thing to make a quick response, but jesus, ever hear of texting?

I’ve had several people still mentioning that they don’t watch tv and expect a fucking medal for it. These days, not watching tv makes you seem boring, since television has become a more important artistic medium than ever, and missing out just makes you dull.

Start-Ups. Yes, that’s general, and I suppose they are needed, but it seems every kid with Chuck Taylors has a startup and gets a big loft with a pool table and open work spaces and happy hours in the office. Is this bubble going to burst? Are all of these startups needed?

Stop shitting on Oakland, especially if you live in San Francisco. It’s stupid and ignorant. Especially since San Francisco is basically become a caricature of rich people, with monocles and fur stoles.  And no, it’s not unsafe in all areas. We have class stratification just like any other legitimate city!

Posting a status on Facebook that simply tags the people you are with. We get it, you have friends. Congratulations.

Stop asking me “why” with a sneer when I tell people I want to go back to grad school.

Making “intentional” viral content. See: the Christmas Jammies family, Diane in 7A, and headband-gate.

I’m actually fine with selfies. Especially if they are in different locations, and I don’t get to actually see the person often. But selfies with exaggerated emotional face contorting to illustrate your point is annoying. Posting a frowny-face because Starbucks got your drink wrong is just nursery school level bullshit.

Finally, we come to women-focused websites. Which, the very notion of that is annoying, as Time and CNN should be women-focused (and men-focused). But I see the need for them. And I understand that a website for women doesn’t need to be all about international war crimes of Ruth Bader Ginsberg (although I’d read that) but come on. We can do better.