When Your Favorite Pop Culture is Problematic

by robinhardwick

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Rose Water Magazine

Key & Peele

Sometimes I feel like my two passions, pop culture and feminist activism, are at complete odds with each other. I want to consume as much pop culture as I can, but it’s really disheartening to see your favorite show/celebrity suddenly show some ignorance and some real bigotry.

A recent Tumblr favorite of mine is your favorite is problematic, whose six moderators diligently compile instances of problematic behavior of generally beloved celebrities and public figures. There’s no listing of obvious, i.e., Mel Gibson, but its thoroughness shows that even the people we like have done some problematic things. Rather than encourage readers to dismiss and shame the celebs mentioned, their reasoning states:

We are fully aware that celebrities are humans, and at least I… think that media coverage of celebrities can be completely violating and dehumanizing. However, these celebrities are seen as role models. They are often revered and are in…

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