I Am Officially No Longer the Target Demographic

by robinhardwick

I’ve joked around saying ah! I’m so old! and the like, and I always wondered when the day would come when I knew in my heart that I was officially out of touch with youth culture. I will be able to look back at my life and specifically say that it happened today while watching this preview for the new Real World: San Francisco.

At first glance, it’s nothing innocuous. Just the young people walking around giving a tour of the house. But it’s just unnerving. Firstly, the house is decorated by someone who was afraid to let any surface be the same print as something else. I’m nauseous. The pinboard in the foyer that they mark every time they go out. I am sure they are not allowed on social media, so if they go out in a forest and get drunk and no one knows it, did it really happen?

The clothes. Doesn’t make sense.

The awkward way they are trying to be hip and edgy. It’s a sense of desperation that kids don’t notice. Because the trying is what matters. The throwing of hamburgers. The pointing with the feet.

And most of all, I don’t give a shit about which bed got the most action.

I shouldn’t be surprised. 35 is considered the end of the main demographic. I guess I’m destined for a life of watching 60 minutes and reading Reader’s Digest.