Season 2, Episode 6, As Reviewed By Me

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By


Let’s just get this out of the way, this episode was just filler based around a scene where they all since about Miami. It’s a catchy diddy, music by Rose and lyrics by Blanche.  Blanche used to write poetry in high school, because she was tall and therefore fucking disgusting.

Miami is nice / So I’ll Say It Twice / Miami Is Nice

And Big Daddy (ugh) is back in town to ogle Blanche’s breasts and to announce he is marrying a younger woman. Blanche freaks out but then realizes she not twelve and gives her blessing.

Now, let’s look at some outfits.


Dorothy: yikes. Looks like a baseball shirt crossed with a straitjacket. Please notice Estelle Getty’s fantastic background work.


We’ve seen Blanche’s drop-waist green outfit before. She wears it when she knows she’s getting laid. I have a feeling she can take it off in one swoop, much…

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