Weekly Reader January 17

by robinhardwick

Doggy Using Computer

‘NY Post’ Wants to Know: What’s With All the Ladies at the Golden Globes? [Flavorwire]

Photos: Revisit The Seedy Times Square Of The Late ’80s [Gothamist]

Punk turned in on itself in 1995, and out came the wolves [A.V. Club]

Why does the man behind ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Sherlock’ still have a job? [Daily Dot]

No God? No Problem [Vice]

Documenting the slow unraveling of Axl Rose [death and taxes]

Your Brain Has an Exclusive VIP Line for Friends [New York Magazine]

The Training Bras of Literature [The Believer]

Goodbye San Francisco, You’re a Passionate Lover [Huffington Post]

In a TEDx Talk, Professor Calls TED “Middlebrow Megachurch Infotainment” [Slate]

“Her”: This Movie Makes No Sense [The Awl]

Jezebel’s Lena Dunham mistake: Why offering money for her photo is disingenuous [Salon]