Season 2, Episode 9: “Joust Between Friends,” As Reviewed By Me As I Descend Into A Depression Spiral

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By


I don’t know you guys. There’s a lost dog that Rose brings home, purely for the point of using this “bitch” pun.


Rose also like to talk as this dog in this annoying dog-cartoon voice. God Rose, your roommates already fucking hate you, why make them hate you more? Get some self-awareness. Can you imagine if Rose was on social media? She’s share Upworthy videos every five seconds. Dorothy hates the dog. Then the dog comes running into her bed because an overpayed dog trainer shoved some beef jerky up Bea Arthur’s nightgown. Oooooo, breaking the fourth wall!!! Deal with it. Of course Dorothy loves the dog. In fact that may be the same dog from Married With Children. I could look it up in 2 seconds as I am already on the computer typing this important intellectual tome of the twenty-first century, but it’s too much work.


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