Season 2, Episode 10, “Love, Rose”; As Reviewed By The Designer of Dorothy’s Monstrous Teal Crushed-Velvet Tuxedo Dress

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By

Some people live on this earth, contributing nothing, taking up resources, just existing. I am lucky that I have made my contribution to the world, and will die knowing my legacy. It is this:


Ah, yes. When we have a tall, lean statuesque woman, it is best to dress her in swaths of crushed velvet with burnout shapes, a sack-like shirt, long skirt and a bow-fucking-tie. Let’s get a better look, shall we?

I really do think this outfit says “I have the chutzpah of a man, but the tenderness of a strong woman!”  Dorothy and Blanche wear these outfits to a mysterious “banquet”, where they have catfished Rose. Take that, Nev and your homoerotic co-producer! Golden Girls did it first, and I was there to dress them as they should be.

Rose was tired of being alone (despite boning guys to their death) and put an ad in the…

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