What Makes A Hero?

by robinhardwick

What makes a hero in today’s society? Is it someone that sacrifices their own comforts and freedom to stand up for those that don’t have a voice? Is it someone who does not hesitate when someone else is in need and has an automatic instinct to help? is it someone who has struggled their whole life to overcome obstacles and is now a role model and a source of inspiration for those facing the same struggles?

No, it’s a woman who wears a crop top.


It’s not just the Huffington Post. The internet media has got to stop using this exaggerated language; it makes the word and idea lose all meaning. This is a gorgeous actress wearing said tube top probably made by a famous designer at an awards show. How is that heroic? How is that that brave? Is it because she’s pregnant, and god forbid pregnant women show their bodies? There’s nothing heroic about it. If that were the case, my fat ass would be parading around town in a crop top; I am sure someone would throw a parade in my honor.