Season 2, Episode 11: “Twas The Nightmare Before Christmas”, As Told By An Oral History From The Writers’ Room

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By


R. J. MCBOWLAN, HEAD WRITER: We wanted to do a Christmas episode that wasn’t like any others. We had thought about doing a “Christmas Carol” version with the ghosts of the pasts of all the ladies, but then I thought, let’s go edgier! Let’s add some really scandalous moments.


CRISPIN DALY, STORY EDITOR: I thought, how would Blanche react to Christmas? Just like she always does, by acting like a sex-crazed maniac! It was just so simple. And you know what they say in comedy: double-down. So Blanche gives the other gals a calendar called “The Gentlemen of Blanche’s Boudoir Calendar.” Because she’s such a slut! It’s hilarious that such an old lady can be a slut. Can you imagine?


MCBOWLAN: Yea, I really didn’t think NBC would go for it, but they did, so we decided to up the ante: Why not include some sociopaths, too? Also, we thought:…

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