Season 2, Episode 12: “The Sisters”, as Reviewed By Jane Austen

by robinhardwick

The Golden Girls Reviewed By


Sophia, this eldest daughter, whose advice was so effectual, possessed a strength of understanding, and coolness of judgment, which qualified her, though only nineteen, to be the counsellor of her mother, and enabled her frequently to counteract, to the advantage of them all, that eagerness of mind in Blanche Devereux which must generally have led to imprudence. She had an excellent heart;–her disposition was affectionate, and her feelings were strong; but she knew how to govern them: it was a knowledge which her mother had yet to learn; and which one of her sisters had resolved never to be taught.

Angela’s abilities were, in many respects, quite equal to Sophia’s. She was sensible and clever; but eager in everything: her sorrows, her joys, could have no moderation. She was generous, amiable, interesting: she was everything but prudent. The resemblance between her and her mother was strikingly great.


Sophia saw, with…

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