Blogs Imploding Into Themselves

by robinhardwick

I wrote a wall of text on a forum criticizing a popular blog aimed at women, you know, the one that posted this, this, and this, among others. Not too much response, but I spent a minute doing it, so here are my thoughts:

After reading Rebecca’s piece today once again referencing other things she has written, Lesley’s “I was depressed until Jane hired me” or whatever article, it’s clear to me what is really the root problem with this site. (I mean, one of the many many problems.) And many sites like it, that rely on personal reveals from its authors- at the beginning, it seems like a good idea to hire writers who have strong opinions and lives that may seem interesting to readers, and have them write about it-

But then, their lives become nothing but writing for the site- and it is the only experiences they are having anymore. Then the posts become repetitive and self-referencing until they implode on themselves. Once upon a time, managing editors would give assignments- like going to a new place, having a new experience, interviewing someone- to write about something outside of the writer’s small, self-involved world.

But no, doing that would be too much effort and couldn’t be done while sitting at home in pjs, being able to once again use the site for self-validation- to choose to ignore the actual criticism and lavish in the comments that only rationalize their thoughts. Or having an experience that would make them see something or someone with experiences that would god forbid make them realize they are not special snowflakes-

And I don’t believe for a second that Rebecca assigned Lesley to write about her feelings on her favorite show, or Olivia to beg for a place to stay- I guess her job as managing editor includes sending the writer an email saying, I need something from you on Thursday, and that’s it. I’m not even sure what she does, other then write more posts about herself and reference her own writing. She wants to write about race? Fantastic. I mean that. But there are other women’s experiences and other examples in the world other than herself.

I guess what I am hoping for is something that actual journalists do – and according to that one douche, journalists are not as BRAVE as bloggers.
I’ve just realized how much I’ve written; I should save it and submit it as “Unpopular Opinion: I Still Long For Actual Journalism”.

I love reading blogs, but my god, but blog culture has really taken journalism, snapped its neck, hacked it up, shoved its limbs in a garbage bag, and dumped it on the side of the road.